Business French

Business French

business france

Alliance Française de Delhi, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris (CCIP), offers a course in Business French. Upon the successful completion of this 200 hour course (equivalent to B2 level of DELF) the student will receive a certificate from CCIP: “Diplôme de Français des affaires – 1er Degré” (DFA 1).

Level requirement: B2

The course is offered to students, trainees and professionals who have already completed B1 level of DELF (450-500 hours of language learning).


It certifies functional competence in French which enables the certificate holder to execute and deal with day to day professional activities related to social, commercial and administrative functions, oral and written. The four broad aspects which are dealt with in the course are enterprise, its partners and collaborators, its socio-economic environment and professional communication. The student is sensitized to the realities, practices and functioning of modern companies. However, one does not need to be a specialist in corporate affairs to be eligible for this course.


The course is spread over three sessions of 80 hours each (i.e. three intensive course sessions). As in other courses at Alliance, equal emphasis is laid on all the four aspects of language learning i.e. written comprehension & expression and oral comprehension & expression, with the methodology based on the communicative approach.