French Classes

Learning through TV5 Monde

French with TV5 Objectives: To practice general French based on up-to-date media. To develop one’s listening, reading and speaking skills. Level requirement: B2 This course is aimed at students who have reached the B2 level or those who have attended over 480 hours of French. An active participation in speaking is required for this course. Content: Various activities through Weather forecast Television ... Read More »

Learning through French songs

French through French songs Objective: Appropriating French through the medium of song: To focus on developing oral and listening skills: from discovering French culture to enriching vocabulary: identifying musical styles, basic rhythms and musicality of the French language. Level requirement: B1; This course is aimed at students who have reached the B1 level or who have already attended over 280 hours ... Read More »

Prepare your stay in France

Have an enjoyable stay in France! Objectives: This course is aimed at individuals who: Plan to travel to France or to carry on studies in France in the near future. Want to learn French quickly in order to get around smoothly in France right after arrival at an airport/rail or bus station. Are beginners in French or still have a ... Read More »

Conversational skills

Conversational skills Objectives: To express one’s opinion, intentions, plans; To argue effectively and justify one’s viewpoint; To convince the listener; To arrive at a decision; Level requirement: B2 This course is aimed at students who have reached the B2 level or who have attended over 500 hours of French. Content: Take up themes that are related to the issues of the ... Read More »

Improve your writing skills

Improve your writing skills!! Join the writing skills workshop! Objectives: Learn how to express yourself by writing in French; Learn how to write on topics with outline; Level requirement: Adults: A2; Adolescents: Level 2; Content: Picture reading and writing; Writing of letters; Writing of different types of ups (articles, stories, dialogues, etc); Structure of a lesson: How to write a ... Read More »


Phonetics Objective: To improve the perception and pronunciation of sounds of French language; Level requirement: A1, A2 This course is aimed at students who are at the basic level (A1: Breakthrough or A2: Waystage). Content: Perception of sounds of the language; Mechanism of vowel pronunciation; Phonetic correction of the consonants; Liaison between two words and silent letters; Structure of a ... Read More »


Grammar Workshop Objective: To brush up with your French grammar knowledge Level requirement: A2 This course is aimed at students who have reached the A2 level or who have already attended over 80 hours of French. Content: Articles; Pronouns Imperative/Passé composé /Imparfait; Prepositions; Reflexive verbs Structure of a lesson: Observation and further thought about specific language forms through audio or ... Read More »

Business French

Business French Alliance Française de Delhi, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris (CCIP), offers a course in Business French. Upon the successful completion of this 200 hour course (equivalent to B2 level of DELF) the student will receive a certificate from CCIP: “Diplôme de Français des affaires – 1er Degré” (DFA 1). Level requirement: B2 ... Read More »