Conference by Nicolas Ancion – 21st March – 11am to 1pm

Type: Event
Location: India
City: Delhi
Date: Thu, 2013/03/21 – 11:00am


Conference by Nicolas Ancion

21st March, 11am – 1pm

M. L. Bhartia Auditorium, AFD

Mr. Ancion writes fiction for adults, young adults and children and is the author of several theater plays and poetry collections Humour is an essential ingredient in his works. The literary supplement of Le Monde, France’s flagship daily newspaper, dubbed him “Lewis Carol’s true heir”.

He loves literary challenges and performances: he wrote a novel in public in 24 hours during the Brussesl Book Fair (March 2010) and regularly uses web tools to share live writing. His novel, “The 35-billion Euro Man” has been awarded the prix Rossel des jeunes in 2009

In collaboration with Belgium Embassy, we invite Nicolas Ancion, to speak about his biography, his work evolutions and experiences.


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