Ciné-Club: Queen of Montreuil

Initial release: March 20th, 2013 Director: Sólveig Anspach Running time: 1h27min French with English subtitles   FREE ENTRY – OPEN TO ALL ENGLISH SYNOPSIS It’s early summer and Agathe is back in France, at home in Montreuil. She has to get over her husband’s death and return to her work as a film director. The unexpected arrival at her house ... Read More »

Theatre: The Jungle Book

Who doesn’t know the legendary story of “The Jungle Book” in India? The Jungle springs to life in a joy-filled spectacle that chronicles young Mowgli’s adventure growing up in the animal kingdom. To take you back to these old memories, Alliance Française de Delhi presents “The Jungle Book”, theatre by French group Act II, directed by Ms. Lorelie Daize, based ... Read More »

Ciné-Club: My Sweet Pepper Land

Initial release: March 19th, 2014 Director: Huner Saleem Running time: 1h35 min Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish with English subtitles FREE ENTRY – OPEN TO ALL ENGLISH SYNOPSIS In a remote village in Iraqi Kurdistan lives the Kurdish patriot Baran who since recently serves as a policeman. He cannot help but provoke the local villain Aziz Aga and finds himself supported by ... Read More »

Exhibition: The Last Chapter of Mahabharata

Exhibition on view: 2nd to 6th August 2015 Daily 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Galerie Romain Rolland, Alliance française de Delhi The Mahabharata is an ocean of knowledge. The epic explains the way to lead life to the fullest, right from explaining how to nurture relationship with self and others. The incidence in the epic explains mistakes that should be ... Read More »

Design X Design : Roundtable

Design in its many manifestations forms an integral part of every culture. Civilizations evolve and attain their full potential because of it. Design based on creative industries in India are witness to a fascinating churning, necessitating a search for a vision that may inform their evolution beyond – spanning education, profession and industry. Thus, involving exposes, roundtables, exhibitions etc. Design ... Read More »

Ciné-Club Old Classic : Pépé le Moko

Initial release: 28 Janvier 1937 Director: Julien Duvivier Running time: 1h34min French with English Subs ENGLISH  SYNOPSIS Pépé le Moko, a criminal on the run from the police in metropolitan France, lives in the Casbah quarter of Algiers, where he is out of reach of the local police. Inspector Slimane seeks a way to lure Pépé out of his refuge. ... Read More »

Ciné-Club Extravaganza : L’homme qu’on aimait trop

Initial release: July 16th, 2014 Director: André Téchiné Running time: 1h 56min French with English Subs. ENGLISH SYNOPSIS When her marriage falls apart, Agnes Le Roux moves back to the South of France from Africa to live with her mother, Renee, owner of the Palais de La Mediterranee casino in Nice. There, Agnes falls in love with Maurice Agnelet, a ... Read More »

Ciné-Club : Le Hussard sur le toit

Initial release: September 20th, 1995 Director: Jean-Paul Rappeneau  Running time: 2h15 min French, Italian with English subtitles ENGLISH  SYNOPSIS Based on the 1951 French novel Le hussard sur le toit by Jean Giono, the film follows the adventures of a young Italian nobleman in France raising money for the Italian revolution against Austria during a time of cholera and his ... Read More »

Ciné-Club : Maestro

Initial release: July 23th, 2014 Director: Léa Fazer Running time: 1h25min French with English subtitles ENGLISH  SYNOPSIS Henry, a young actor, finds himself involved in a film by cinema superstar, Cédric Rovere. Charmed by his benevolence, feelings hitherto unknown are aroused, while Rovere, intrigued by Henry’s dream, lives this shoot as an unexpected gift. FRENCH SYNOPSIS Henri, un jeune acteur ... Read More »

Cine Club: French Cancan

Initial release: April 27th, 1954 Director: Jean Renoir Running time: 1h40min French with English Subs   ENGLISH  SYNOPSIS Set in 1890s Paris, Henri Danglard is the owner of a cafe, which features his mistress, Lola, as a belly dancer. Losing money, Henri finds himself in Montmartre and finds that the old-fashioned can-can is still being performed there. Inspired, Henri comes ... Read More »