Mauvais Sang / Bad Blood – 26th April 2013, 6:30pm

Type: Event
Location: India
City: Delhi
Date: Fri, 2013/04/26 – 6:30pm


Mauvais Sang / Bad Blood

26th April 2013, 6:30pm

Director : Leos Carax

1986, 116min


In Paris, aging thieves Marc and Hans owe money to a tough American woman who gives them two weeks to pay. They scheme to steal and sell a new serum for a disease that’s killing lovers, but they need someone with quick steady hands. They recruit Alex, a disaffected youth who’s breaking up with Lise, his 16-year-old girlfriend. In a few days before the theft, Alex becomes enchanted with Anna, Marc’s young mistress. They talk, they play, they sing, but she’s in love with Marc. Lise hasn’t given up on Alex either, and she comes to Paris on the day of the theft. There are double crosses, a daring rescue, and, for Alex, a waiting plane. Will he make it?


Leos Carax is the Terrible Child of French cinema. Unclassifiable and independent filmmaker, he has the image of a haughty intellectual and sure of his art, so mysterious and remote media system which gives him nausea. He leads his films as he hears them, without worrying about the audience, or the critics, and especially not the producer. Hence his genius, total independence and movies that only fit him.

Leos Carax’s work is recognizable among thousands. Tinged with New Wave, it restores the essence through his writing (especially the dialogues), very literary, but especially in the daring of its staging. A gifted and atypical director that Alliance offers to you, with his favorite actor and at least as unusual as its director, Denis Lavant.


Léos Carax est l’enfant terrible du cinéma français. Cinéaste inclassable et indépendant, il a cette image de l’intellectuel hautain et sûr de son art, distant et mystérieux tellement le système médiatique lui donne la nausée. Il mène ses films comme il les entend, sans se soucier ni du spectateur, encore moins des critiques, surtout pas du producteur. De là vient son génie, une indépendance totale et des films qui ne correspondent qu’à lui.

La patte « Leos Carax » est reconnaissable entre mille. Empreint de Nouvelle Vague, il en restitue l’essence au travers de son écriture (surtout les dialogues), très littéraires, mais surtout dans l’audace de sa mise en scène. Un réalisateur surdoué et totalement atypique dont l’Alliance vous propose de voir l’un de ses films de jeunesse, avec son acteur fétiche et tout aussi atypique que son réalisateur, Denis Lavant.