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Term Test – Summer session 2017

Dates for the end of term tests of Summer session 2017

Weekday Test

Ext(M&Th): 14th August PE (Advance, Independent, Superior)

                        17th August PE/CE/CO + Grammar

Ext(T&Fr): 11th August PE (Advanced, Independent, Superior)

Ext(T&Fr): 18th August CE/CO, Gram (All levels)

Int(M&T&Th&Fr): 18th August PE (Advanced, Independent, Superior)

Int(M&T&Th&Fr): 21st August PE/CE/CO& Gram  (All levels)


Weekday Exam

Ext(M&Th):     14th August (PE&CE)-All levels

Ext(M&Th):     17th August (CO& Gram)- All levels

Ext(T&Fr):       11th August (PE&CE)-All levels

Ext(T&Fr):       18th August (CO& Gram)- All levels

Int(M&T&Th&Fr): 18th August (PE&CE)-All levels

Int(M&T&Th&Fr): 21st August (CO& Gram)- All levels


Weekend Test

Ext:           12th August (PE) – (Advanced, Independent, Superior)

Ext:           13th August (PE/CE/CO& Grammar)-All levels

Int:            12th August (PE) – (Advanced, Independent, Superior)   

Int:            13th August (PE/CE/CO& Grammar)-All levels

Weekend Exam

Ext:                     12th August (PE&CE) –All levels

Ext:                     13th August (CO&Gram) –All levels

Int:                      12th August (PE&CE) –All levels

Int:                      13th August (CO&Gram) –All levels

Extensive Exam

(levels finishing Saison)

Intensive Exam

(levels finishing Saison)

Extensive Test

(levels Continuing Saison)


Intensive Test

(levels Continuing Saison)


Beginner, Intermediate (two Competencies) Grammar &CO/CE/EE

Advanced, Independent, Superior (three Competencies) Grammar& EE&CO/CE)


Debutant, Intermediate, Advanced, Independent, Superior (four Competencies) Grammar, CO, CE &EE

Results will be posted on the notice board &website ( on 23rd August 2017 after 5 pm