Bio-note – Savita Singh

Savita Singh did her M.A and M. Phil from the University of Delhi and went to McGill University, Montreal, for higher studies. She is a professor. She wrote her PhD thesis on “Discourse of Modernity in India: A Hermeneutical Study.  Savita Singh is a political theorist and a feminist poet from Delhi. She writes in Hindi and English and has three collections to her name, Apne Jaisa Jeevan (2001, Rajkamal Prakashan), Neend Thi Aur Raat Thi (2005, Rajkamal Prakashan), Swapna Samay (2013, Rajkamal Prakashan). She has a collection of fifty poems, Nayi Sadi Ke liye Pachas Kavitayen (2012, Vani Prakashan).  Her work has been translated into French, a collection of assorted poems, Je Suis La Maison Des Etoiles (Dastaan, 2008). She co-edited an anthology in the world women genre, Seven Leaves, One Autumn (2011, Rajkamal Prakashan). Her poetry has been translated also into German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Catalonian, among others. She has a collection of poems translated into Odia, Jeur rasta mora nijara  (2013, Timepass Publication).

Savita Singh was awarded the Hindi Academy Award (2017), Raza Foundation Award (2006), and Mahadevi Varma Award (2016) and Eunice De Souza Award for poetry (Language) (2020). Her poems have appeared in national and international journals, widely.

She received FMSH (La Foundation Maison des sciences de l’home. Paris), a postdoctoral research fellowship, and worked on Krishna Sobti’s  Mitro Marjani and Ai Ladki, under the project, “Between Norms and Transgression” (2016). She also recorded her poems for the DELI Project, while in Paris, 2016. She has published her short stories of which particularly, “Alas! Lebanon” received critical notice.

Savita Singh is a Political theorist and an eminent Feminist poet. Her latest publications are a Chapter, “Three Languages of Discourse of Modernity in India” in Exploring Indian Modernities: Ideas and Practices, ed., Leila Choukroune and Parul Bhandari, Springer, 2018, and, Reality and Its Depths: Conversation between Savita Singh and Roy Bhaskar, Springer, 2020; Her poem  “Death Where Do You Dwell”  has appeared in an anthology of poems, Singing in the Dark: a Global Anthology of Poetry under Lockdown, ed, k.Satchidananadan and Nishi Chawla, Penguin, 2020.

Currently, she is working on her collection of short stories and three manuscripts of meditative and explorative prose at different stages of completion: Political Theory in India- A Hermeneutical Exploration” and “Alternative Modernity in India.” and “Many Faces of Feminism in India”  She is currently working  a  Research Project, “Household and Its Laboring Women: Valuing and Measuring Domestic Labour in India” Her interest lies also in Feminist Politics and Epistemology and Indian Modernity and its Women

She is the founding director and professor at the School of Gender and Development Studies, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi.

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