AFD Gurugram cafeteria is an unpretentious staff-run cafeteria for students, teachers, & staff serving economic, simple food in an informal setting. Cosily nestled under a large mango tree; it becomes the hub of activity/ chatter between classes. Otherwise, it is used by students to discuss their learnings/ quietly study over coffee.

This cafeteria was envisaged into existence so that our students could get a quick bite to eat without worrying about hygiene or wasting time hunting food nearby. Now when the center organizes its cultural events like music concerts/ film screenings/ theatre/ art exhibitions/ performances, it doubles up as stage/ viewing area/ gallery/ or simply the soirée’s rendezvous point.

The Menu keeps in tune with seasons/ requests with few staples like Sandwich, Tea, Coffee, and Maggi. Students could buy proper home-cooked lunch too if they request in advance.

Students and visitors are requested to buy coupons (minimum denomination INR 50) at the reception for their weekly/ daily consumption.

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