French Play: “FRONTIÈRE (S)”!

Date(s) - 20/05/2017
7:00 pm

Alliance Française de Delhi


TheatreAmaYur Collective (Center for French and Francophone Studies, J.N.U.)

at the Gurgaon Centre of Alliance française de Delhi for the first time with

its new production “FRONTIÈRE (S)”!

About Play: This theatrical production is a collective endeavour that questions the notion of frontier, in a distant yet humorous manner. In the age of Internet and in a globalized world, it is a paradox that borders have made a strong comeback in the news. But can it not be said that after all, a frontier is nothing but an imaginary line? Nobody shoots the sun for crossing borders. Borders have never really prevented men from meeting, mingling, learning and above all loving each other. Moreover these fictitious border lines also exist in the society.  What really separates men from women? What is it that truly separates a caste from another caste? Above all, the seed of these imaginary lines lie within us. Mental barriers are after all, the limits that we decide for ourselves, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. Would such a world be more desirable to live in where human beings do not establish any boundaries and limits to their dreams?  This is a question open to contemplation.