Le vice consul, a marguerite duras adaptation – 22nd april, 7.00pm @AFDelhi

Date(s) - 22/04/2014
7:00 pm

M L Bhartia Auditorium, Alliance Francaise de Delhi


Alliance Française de Delhi


Le Vice-consul

adapté du roman de Marguerite Duras

Par Maud Andrieux / Compagnie du Barrage


TUESDAY 22 April 2014, 7.00pm

Alliance Française de Delhi

72 Lodi Estate

110 003 New Delhi

Free entry

L’Inde des années 30 et la diplomatie française. Le Vice-consul loin de chez lui, à l’autre bout du monde, au beau milieu d’une puanteur, d’une misère, d’une horreur sans nom, commet l’irréparable pour soulager d’autres hommes. A Calcutta, dans l’attente d’une nouvelle affectation, seule Anne-Marie Stretter, la femme de l’ambassadeur va s’en rapprocher. Dans l’indifférence générale, il est peut-être le seul à être encore humain. L’œuvre Le Vice-consul incarne le rôle de l’écrivain tout entier selon Duras qui est de dire l’inacceptable.

India in the 30’s and French diplomacy. The Vice-counselor, far from his home, at the other end of the world, in the middle of the stench, in the middle of a misery, of a nameless horror, commits an act from which he can’t go back, in order to relieve other people. In Calcutta, Anne-Marie Stretter, is the spouse of the Ambassador awaiting a new assignment, she will soon be the only one to approach the Vice-counselor. In general indifference, he might be the only one to be still humane. The master-piece The Vice-counselor embodies the whole writer’s role as Duras defines it: he has to say the unacceptable.

 La Compagnie du Barrage was created in 2005, supported by the city of Bordeaux. Its creation was followed by many shows in Bordeaux, Aquitaine, in Duras for Marguerite Duras association, then in Cambodia, Thailand, Morocco, Turkey and in other French cultural network and abroad.

Passionated about French history in Indochina and drawn by the culture of South East Asia, Maud Andrieux made frequent trips there and permeates this special atmosphere. She conducts the stage adaptation of great writers and her conception of the “mise en scène” emphasizes on the text in an intimate relationship with the viewers.

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