Music Concert | Beltuner | 6th May 2016 | 9pm

Date(s) - 06/05/2016
9:00 pm

Cafe Dalal Street


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Beltuner is a popular French band created in Paris in 2001. This band is composed of four musicians: Pascal Muller (guitar), Nicolas Pautras
(double bass), René Sopa (accordion) and Mickaël Correira (percussion). Their music is a harmonious mix of jazz, gypsy swing and musette (the music of cosmopolitan Paris life).

From their very first concert in a tiny Parisian bar, to the tours in Europe, Russia, Asia and Emirates; from a comfortable theater setting to a crazy rock festival, this band has come a long way. Their live performances, which are full of their infectious energy and frenzied rhythms are especially noteworthy. “What’s important is the energy of our music which is what we try to share with the people. When we travel and perform, we know people may not understand (the words) but they can feel the music.” Muller said after their show in Penang. Greatly influenced by musicians Django Reinhardt, Jo Privat, Astor Piazzolla and Serge Gainsbourg, Beltuner constantly tries to evolve the spirit of their lively music.

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