Novembre Numérque 2022: Jeu vidéo et Podcast

Date(s) - 23/11/2022
11:00 am - 7:00 pm


As part of the 6th edition of Novembre Numérique 2022, Alliance Française de Delhi cordially invites you to experience online French video games & series of special French Podcast.

Date Wednesday, 23rd November 2022
Time 11 am to 5 pm
venue Alliance Française de Delhi , 72 KK Birla Lane, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi -03


Two young boys are lost in a maze and it’s up to you to save them. Guide Asterion and Theseus out of the maze in this visual novel inspired by Greek mythology. Place your phone in the light to talk to Theseus, or in the shade to talk to Asterion. But be careful – the more you help one of them, the more the other gets lost. Help them make the right decisions as you face up to lots of different dangers, discover the secrets of the maze and perhaps manage to set them free. Their fate now rests in your hands. Will your cunning, wisdom, perseverance and skill be enough to help you make the right choices?

Upian / Hiver Prod
Based in Paris, France

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  • Play the first chapter for free (about 1 hour of play)
  • Unlock the full game with an in-app purchase
  • A new gameplay based on your phone’s light sensor
  • A contemporary adaptation of the myth of the Minotaur and the labyrinth
  • Actions that directly influence the way the story plays out
  • An immersive story full of twists and turns with 8 alternative endings
  • A rich universe with 5 chapters and 10 mazes to explore
  • A dark and mesmerising atmosphere

2.Inua – A Story in Ice and Time

Inua is a narrative adventure game where three protagonists roam the same places in the far North, decades apart. Explore each era, collect ideas, and influence their decisions to change the course of history.

GENRE: Adventure, Indie

DEVELOPER: The Pixel Hunt, IKO, ARTE France



RELEASE DATE: 10 Feb, 2022

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Nintendo Switch

Try the free PC version


A Mystical Game in the Canadian Far north

Set off on a mystical journey to the Canadian Far North with Inua: A Story in Ice and Time, a point & click narrative adventure spanning multiple eras.

Meet Taïna, a present-day reporter determined to discover the truth behind the disappearance of the Terror, one of the ship of the Franklin expedition whose goal was to explore the Arctic in the 19th century. Her destiny is mysteriously linked to that of Peter, a young filmmaker covering a military expedition in the 1950s and Simon, a sailor of the Franklin expedition struggling to keep his crew alive.

Navigate through time to discover what links them together. Search for ideas, instill them in the characters’ minds and guide them toward Nanurluk, the mythical polar bear who lived 10.000 years ago.

3. French Podcast – BLYND

Discover original audio series of all genres: fantasy, biopic, thriller, science fiction, adventure… Legendary comic books, bestsellers from the biggest publishing houses, adapted to audio. Original audio series, independent podcasts: listen to everything you love on BLYND.


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BLYND produces immersive audio content. Each of its audio series offers an extraordinary sound experience, the objective: to offer you cinema… for your ears! The magic recipe? Dialogues played by actors “as if they were there”, characters embodied by the greatest French voices, advanced sound design (sound effects and atmospheres), original music… BLYND treats its audio series like cinematographic works fully fledged.

Dive into the heart of exceptional immersive sound experiences!