Tuesday , 16 July 2019


Cine club – French Cancan

Henri Danglard, proprietor of the fashionable (but bankrupt) cafe 'Le Paravent Chinois' featuring his mistress, belly dancer Lola, goes slumming in Montmartre (circa 1890) where the then-old-fashioned cancan is still danced. There, he conceives the idea of reviving the cancan as the feature of a new, more popular establishment...and meets Nini, a laundress and natural dancer, whom he hopes to star in his new show. But a tangled maze of jealousies intervenes... Read More »

Music: KHUSHBOO – Last moment concert

Murad Ali Khan and Titi Robin, reunited again in Delhi during the last days of January, felt a desire, at the very last moment, to propose impromptu to the Alliance Française of Delhi a Musical and Dance show. They have invited along with them for this special occasion Padma Shri Gulabo Sapera, Kathak exponent Mahua Shankar, as well as several other eminent artists. From this unexpected encounter, motivated principally by the pleasure of exchange and sharing, we will hopefully find this color of the emotion and the fragrance (khushboo) of the soul that these artistic languages have, with an aim to create and transmit. Read More »


CARNAVAL 2019 on 8th February 2019 for it's students. Registration date: till5th February 2019 1st prize: Intensive course on weekdays 2nd prize: Extensive course on weekdays 3rd prize: Library premium membership Read More »

Ciné-Club – Le Salaire de la peur

In a deprived urban development in a Latin Americna country, four misfits join together to undertake a risky adventure. Luigi is an Italian, and he is accompanied by a German and two Frenchmen: Mario and Mr. Joe, an old hand who captivates his compatriot. In exchange for a big bonus, these adventurers must transport large quantities of nitroglycerine destined to blow up an oil fire. The route is particularly dangerous and the first truck, driven by Luigi, is wiped out in an explosion. Only Mario and Jo are left, but Jo, n Read More »

Ciné-Club – Bob le Flambeur

In Paris's Montmartre district, everyone knows Bob, a well-dressed compulsive gambler. He is generous, moralistic, drives a two-toned convertible coupe, lives in a swank apartment, and has the respect of the police. However, he is on a losing streak, and even when he hits it big at the track, he loses at the Deauville casino. When he learns that the casino keeps a fortune on Grand Prix weekend, he plots a robbery. Subplots trace a seemingly innocent coquette's social climb and the greed of a croupier's wife who betrays the thieves. Read More »

Ciné-Club: La Surface de réparation: 29 January 2019 | 10am

For ten years, Franck has been the henchman of provincial football club. Living off petty crime during the day and surveillance of players at night, he one day encounters Salomé, the rejected mistress of a striker. They become lovers. But Djibril Azembert, an ancient star of French football, comes to the club to finish his career. Betwen Salomé, Franck, and Djibril a strange comedy of manners ensues. Read More »

DesignXDesign: 9th Annual 20under35 Exhibition

The Exhibition component of Design X Design involves showcasing the work of Delhi and other cities of India, to facilitate a reading of the emerging trends across various design based creative communities in the country. Read More »

Ciné-Club: La Belle et la Belle: 24 January 2019 | 6:30pm

Margaux is a 25-year-old, living a carefree but unsatisfying life punctuated by frequent one-night stands. She cannot help herself! One night at a party, she meets another Margaux, 20 years her elder. Troubling details and similarities seem to link the two women… Starting with the 6:57 AM train that they are both taking to Lyon Read More »

Ciné-Club: Irréprochable: 22 January 2019 | 10am

Since Constance was fired, her financial position has become untenable. When she learns that the real estate agency in her hometown, where she began her career, is recruiting, Constance drops everything in Paris to return to her old turf. She is convinced she'll get the job, but Audrey, a twenty-year-old, is selected instead. From this moment on, Constance is single-mindedly obsessed about annihilating Audrey and getting her old job back. Read More »

Ciné-Club: Dans la brume: 17 January 2019 | 6:30pm

Paris is suddenly overwhelmed by a strange mist that makes countless victims. The inhabitants of the capital, left to themselves, must take refuge in the upper floors of the buildings and roost on the roofs to survive. Finding themselves without water, without electricity and without food, and realizing that no help will be provided, they are forced to try their luck in the fog. Read More »