Tuesday , 22 October 2019


Ciné-Club: JOUR DE FÊTE: 30 October 2018| 10am

Jour de Fête tells the story of an inept and easily distracted French mailman who frequently interrupts his duties to converse with the local inhabitants, as well as inspect the traveling fair that has come to his small community. Influenced by too much wine and a newsreel account of rapid transportation methods used by the United States postal system, he goes to hilarious lengths to speed the delivery of mail while aboard his bicycle. Read More »

in[Debate]#1 : SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR : From Existentialism to Feminism

Written in 1949, The Second Sex of Simone de Beauvoir is undoubtedly one of the most theoretically and politically influential books of the last century. As such, for many Simone de Beauvoir is more than an iconic figure of contemporary feminism. She is also as a place in the pantheon of great thinkers of 20th century. Read More »

Ciné-Club: LES 400 COUPS: 23 October 2018 | 10am

Intensely touching story of a misunderstood young adolescent who left without attention, delves into a life of petty crime. Antoine Doinel, a 12-year old boy growing up in Paris during the early 1950s. He has a teenage hood trouble; his parents don’t care about him, he steals, he escapes... Only one thing save him: his friend René. But together, they do some crazy things… Read More »

Ciné Club: QUAI D’ORSAY: 18 October 2018 | 6:30pm

Alexandre Taillard de Vorms is tall and impressive, a man with style, attractive to women. He also happens to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the land of enlightenment: France. Arthur Vlaminck, a young graduate of the elite National School of Administration, is hired as head of "language" at the foreign ministry. He is to write the minister's speeches but he also has to learn to deal with the sensibilities of the boss and his entourage. Read More »

Ciné-Club: UN CHÂTEAU EN ITALIE: 16 October 2018 | 10am

Louise's dreams had long faded when she receives newfound hope in the form of the handsome Nathan. Meanwhile, as love begins to blossom, a family of Italian industrialists strive to persevere in uncertain times. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi directs, co-writes (alongside Agnès De Sacy and Noémie Lvovsky), and stars in this drama featuring Louis Garrel, and Filippo Timi. Read More »


In the framework of the bilateral relations between France and India, Alliance Francaise Network with the support of the French Institute in India / French Embassy in India, wished to highlight the culture of Réunion Island, a French territory whose geographical proximity to India and the mixed origins of its population constitute a strategic asset in the Indian Ocean. Read More »

Ciné-Club: LES GARÇONS ET GUILLAUME A TABLE ! : 09 October 2018 | 10am

Mrs. Gallienne, a rather temperamental upper middle-class lady, has three children, two of whom she considers as her sons and another she calls Guillaume. Logically indeed, the latter teenage creature does not picture himself as a boy, rather as a girl or at best as a homosexual. But how can a mother act in such an objectionable way? And why? Through a series of painful chain of experiences, Guillaume will discover little by little who he is actually and will manage to break free from her pernicious influence. Read More »

Ciné Club : Cherchez la femme: 04 October 2018 | 6:30pm

Armand, the bookish son of Iranian immigrants who is completely smitten by Leila, an Arab girl from the banlieue enrolled with Armand in Paris’ prestigious Sciences Po University. The two are set to spend a few months in New York interning at the United Nations, but those plans quickly unravel when Leila’s brother, Mahmoud, returns from an extended trip to the Middle East as a full-blown Islamist replete with beard, prayer beads and a desire to quell his sister’s profane Western ways. Read More »

DesignXDesign Expose’ 37: Mrinalini Gupta & Swanzal Kak Kapoor

Design in its many manifestations forms an integral part of every culture. Civilizations evolve and attain their full potential because of it. Design based creative communities in India are witness to a fascinating churning, necessitating a search for a vision that may inform their evolution beyond – spanning education, profession and the industry. Thus, involving exposes, roundtables, exhibitions etc. Design X Design is a step in that direction. Read More »

Madou Sidiki Diabatè (Mali) at Auro Kitchen & Bar

Madou Sidiki Diabatè started playing the kora at age three. By the time he was six years old, he was playing his first concert as a representative of the 71st generation of kora players in his family. He learned his art under his father, Sidiki Diabaté, a man generally referred to as the “King of the Kora”. Read More »