Saturday , 22 February 2020

French through Fine Arts

French aesthetic sensibilities through Fine Arts

french art


  • Discovering an important aspect of French cultural life: Fine Arts
  • Initiating one into seeing exhibitions (in the city, starting with the ones at Gallery Romain Rolland, AFD)
  • Appreciating work of art
  • Informing oneself about art work
  • Learning to exchange some ideas about a work of art
  • Formulating ones views on a given work of art, expressing and justifying it

Level requirement: B1

  • This course is aimed at students who have reached the B1 level or who have already attended over 280 hours


  • Initiation to contemporary art
  • Presentation of some of the masters and their master pieces
  • Visit to exhibitions in town, especially in Gallery Romain Rolland, AFD and talking/exchanging views about the works exhibited
  • Discovery of the sociological context of an art work
  • Discovery of the different moods of an art work
  • The work and the viewer

french art


  • Interactive, using varied teaching materials
  • Feature film extracts and documentary films
  • Newspaper articles; reviews
  • Slides and photographs
  • Interactions with Indian artists (possibly francophone) and visiting French artists for exchanging views

Frequency: 2 hours a week for 10 weeks