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Adrien Brandeis Quintet Concert

at Alliance Française de Delhi, Gurgaon centre

Thursday, 15th November, 7 :00pm onwards

This Afro-Cuban inspired jazz quintet, founded in 2015 by the pianist Adrien Brandeis, will perform at the Gurgaon centre of Alliance Française Delhi on the 15th November.
They will present their independently produced album “Euforia” (2017), in a South-Asian tour. After performing at the Jazzmandu-Kathmandu Festival in Nepal, they will tour around various cities in India. This quintet has received various prizes in France: laureate at the musical springboard Jazz à Juan 2017, audience’s prize at the springboard Jazz à Porquerolles 2017, and was finalist at various competitions such as the Nice Jazz Festival, Jazz en Ville in Vannes. Adrien Brandeis, has various influences, from Ruben Gonzalez to Brad Mehldau, including Michel Camilo, Chick Corea, Red Garland, Bill Evans.


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Livres en vie, a selection of works by Jean-Marc Godès

A Photography Exhibition
at Alliance Française de Delhi, Gurgaon Centre

5-19 October 2018, 10am to 6pm everyday

Under the umbrella “Engaging with inequalities”, we are excited to present a selection of works by Jean-Marc Godès, an artist photographer. His work in itself is a fight against illiteracy and promotion of books.
Jean-Marc Godès’ atypical works are unique internationally. As in the cinema, his theatre productions are real, with furnishings, human and animal actors, costumes, rehearsal, technical assistants…
He starts from a project on paper then proceeds to all the stages of the process: constitution of the team, casting, locating the place, creating sets, dressing, make-up, lights, and rehearsals… until the image is taken. There is no computer editing involved.

On the borders of the real and the imaginary, Jean Marc GODÈS’s photographic productions meet the interest of audiences of all ages.
At the crossroads of art, photography, poetry and literature, the social and cultural utility of Jean Marc GODÈS’s photographs is at the center of his concerns.
To translate this need, he regularly conducts experiments in the following directions: libraries, school environment, fight against illiteracy, poetry, disability…



“Following the cultural events organized this May, commemorating 50 years of May 68 events, the student movement in France, Gurgaon Centre Continues its engagement with social movements as the basic subject construct for the coming up activities and takes pleasure in presenting “Engaging with inequalities – 1”

An exhibition of art works by 5 women artists, representing different generations. They comment, question or critique the concepts of freedom & control, movement & identities, perfection and imperfections, through their preferred mediums.

Through this initiative the centre continues its attempts to bind together artists and audiences from various milieus around a subject, in order to open a dialogue and bring art creation and the viewer into the current social debates.”

Gurgaon Centre of Alliance Française, is bringing the first edition of FÊTE DE LA MUSIQUE aka the World Music Day to Gurgaon this June 2018.

An event which is celebrated across the world bringing people from various cultures together to share and celebrate their common love for music. The quintessential idea behind this event is to encourage citizens to play music outside in their neighborhoods, or in public spaces. Free concerts are also organized bringing together music artists from different cultures. It is a celebration not only of music but of our diversity.

The invitation for this event was extended to some of the prominent music academies working in Delhi-NCR and there will be various performances of different genres of music by
the best talents of:
• One World College of Music
• Performer’s Collective School of Music
• Theme Music Institute

Additionally, this series of music concerts will be succeeded by the two headline acts by two famous bands:
• Chayan and Smiti
• Shadow and Light

There will be food and cold brew stalls at the event along with a stall of homemade cake. This is a free event open to current and ex students of Alliance Française and all the music
academies in Delhi and NCR region. All guests are encouraged to invite their friends and families.

Event Details:
Date: Friday, 22nd June 2018
Time: 6 pm onwards
Venue: Alliance Francaise de Delhi, Gurgaon Centre
Address: S-24/8 D.L.F Phase III, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122001


poster aboutturn

poster game of identities 19-11-2015INVITE EYE THE OTHER ME final

invite Woven 12-08-15

Alliance Française de Delhi, Gurgaon Centre

In collaboration with Ojas Art and Salam Balak Trust


a photography show


                                                           by Vicky Roy

Preview : 22nd November 2014, 7pm

AFD Gallery, S 24/8, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon

On view till 20th December 2014, 10am – 6pm

 About the artist and “ Home street Home”

Vicky Roy found a friend in the camera while he was under the care of Salam Balak Trust, as a young adolescent : “I felt it would help me roam around” – That it did! His photographs and he have now travelled across several countries. Vicky’s works have been a part of important international shows, including exhibitions at the Whitechapel Gallery, London and the Foto Museum, Switzerland.

He decided to photograph others like him, living on the street and in the Trust’s home, Apna Ghar. ‘Home Street Home’ showcases the best of this work, from survival to choice, portraits of his fellow travellers, a mirror of his own life, observed with recognition.

With sensitivity and empathy, he charts the course these children are taking, a course he himself took, one from survival to choice. He captures the hope these children feel “once they are taken in by society, given a support structure to chase their dreams”.

This show is based on the monograph Home. Street. Home. published by Nazar Foundation, edited by Sanjeev Saith.

 For more information, please write to [email protected]


DSCN0466 DSCN0468 DSCN0461 DSCN0459 DSCN0458



Changing Landscapes II

Changing Landscap

This exhibition showcases perspectives of four Visual artists on Changing Landscapes and their impact on spaces and lives. If these changing landscapes are today one reality of life, the other of course is how each one of us engages with them. An engaging portrayal of this process is what “Changing landscapes- II” proposes to bring to you.

Gurgaon Centre of the Alliance Française de Delhi is pleased to present interpretations, through different mediums, of evolving cityscapes & landscapes by four young artists, residing or working in the NCR, a region ever changing.

  • “Changing landscapes recall the past; trace the present and try to anticipate the future” Kunal Kalra
  • “The tampering with natural elements, hoarding, accumulating & building for self, from the simplest to the most complicated creations for convenience and comfort… These have become an integral part of our landscapes merging within and inseparable” Priyanka Govil
  • An interpretation of changing landscapes is where there is just the whiff of what’s to come…where things have gone to seed so much, that they cannot survive without changing: “Detritus…towards change”. Richa Arora
  • Compositions, where human beings, nature and the romantic mood together create a dynamic landscape reflect a sense of timelessness… Debasis Beura

Join us for the preview on 20 September at 7pm


“Diwali Celebrations at Gurgaon”
final 3
Final 2

Final 1









SATURDAY  28th June, 3.30pm

Pauline et François

Director : Renaud Fély
Released in 2010
Duration : 1h35 minutes
France – Drama

Les familles ont des habitudes difficiles à bousculer. Celle de François n’échappe pas à la règle. Autour de lui, personne n’avait prévu l’arrivée d’une femme dans sa vie. Pauline et François s’abandonnent à la promesse d’une histoire aussi belle qu’inattendue.Et ce bonheur les affranchit.

Families find it hard to change their habits. François’ s family is one example. Nobody had thought that a woman could enter his life. Pauline and François give themselves into this love story, meant to be as beautiful as unexpected. This happiness frees themselves from their past…

LA JOUR DE LA BASTILLE au centre de Gurgaon

Alliance Française de Delhi


Métiers du Monde

A photography Exhibition

by the participants of the AF Worldwide Photo Competition 2013

Métiers du monde invite front

Every year since 2010, the Alliance Française Foundation organizes a grand international photography contest for the 835 Alliances Françaises of the world in collaboration with the magazine ‘Courrier International’.

This contest is in tune with the profound vocation of the Alliance Française, to understand better French language and culture and to promote cultural diversity all over the world.

It aims to highlight the richness and the plurality of the AF network abroad, to unify all Alliances into a common project and to give an opportunity to amateur photographers to exhibit their works in Paris and internationally.

For this third edition, the theme was ‘Professions of the world’. The amateur photographers were asked to portray men and women in the extraordinary diversity of their professions, in the beauty as in the hardships of their daily occupations.

The contest was also organized in Hyderabad with over 80 contestants. Our winner, Swarat Ghosh, stood 2nd in the World competition! Here is an opportunity to see his wonderful photographs (one of them being of a Surabhi actress, who, coincidentally travelled to France in May this year) as well as those of the winners of this grand contest.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on 31st May at 6.30pm at Gurgaon centre of Alliance Française de Delhi.


Preview on Saturday 31st May 2014, 7pm

 Invite Gurgaon


Dear Alumni of the Alliance française de Delhi,

AFD is almost 58 years old and you have been part of its history!

We thought it was time to celebrate the long history of this institution and without you the celebrations will be incomplete. It is our wish that you be at the centre of this celebration.

We take great pleasure therefore in dedicating the evening of Saturday 31 May 2014 to you with a cultural Bonanza!

The cultural program for the evening:

6:00pm Arrival of guests
6:30pm Welcome speech
A Platform  for Exchange of ideas : AFD my Alma mater
7:30pm Quiz competition with prizes, conducted by “ Xpress Minds Edutainment (P) Ltd”
General cultural knowledge( France & francophonie) and language related  fun quiz
8:15pm Visit of the Exhibition –  “Les Métiers du monde »
8:45pm Group photograph
9:00pm Skits by Adi Theatre alumni of AFD
9:30pm Musical Treat by an alumna of AFD Vasundhara Vidalur
10:30 PM Vote of thanks

All this with Drinks and snacks!

The evening will be hosted by the Gurgaon Centre of the Alliance française de Delhi (S-24/8 DLF phase 3, Gurgaon)

The terms and condition to be eligible for participation in this event:

  1. The registration form which can be downloaded from our website should be duly filled and sent to Gurgaon centre of the AFD [email protected] /[email protected]   as your confirmation of participation in this event.
  2.  Payment of a nominal Alumni membership fee of Rs. 200 per participant for the evening at the time of the registration.
  3. Last date of registration :  25 May 2014

Registration and payment related information for the event:

Registrations could be done both in Lodi and Gurgaon.

Payments will be accepted –

(a)    In Lodi:  in cash; by cheque in the name of Alliance française de Delhi; debit/ credit card (2% service charges extra)

(b)    In Gurgaon: only in cash or by cheque in the name of Alliance française de Delhi.

Entry to the event will be limited to the registered Alumni only.

A not to miss opportunity!!!! Revive old ties, forge new ones, meet some of your teachers, share your success stories and above all enjoy a cultural evening with friends at your Alma mater!

 Click here for Registration FORM

Route Map

Route map 001

Opening on Saturday, April 12th 2014 from 7 pm onward


Program of the evening:
7 pm : opening of the show

8 pm : Projection – live digital drawing – By A.C. Schenck

8:30 pm : Hindustani Sitar recital on the terrace… with Mohasin Khan (sitar) & Aman Pathray (tabla)

The exhibition will continue till May 3rd, from 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday open




aravallis – from hills to apartments

 9th March  TO 5th April 2014

Time: 10.00 Am to 6.00Pm

VENUE: Gurgaon Centre





 8 FEBRUARY 2014

Time: 2.30pm





L’Enfant d’en HAUT

15 FEBRUARY 2014

Time: 2.30pm


    City: Gurgaon Location: India Date: Fri, 2013/09/27 – 10:00am – Fri, 2013/10/11 – 7:00pm

Alliance Française de Delhi  presents


An Exhibition



27th Sept– 11th Oct 2013 (10 am – 7 pm)

At Alliance Française Gurgaon Centre

S-24/8, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon, 122001

“O fleecy hair, falling in curls to the shoulders! O black locks! O perfume laden with nonchalance! Ecstasy! To people the dark alcove tonight  With memories sleeping in that thick head of hair.  I would like to shake it in the air like a scarf! “

Charles Baudelaire

The Hair (The Flowers of Evil – trans: William Aggeler)

Oriane Zerah is an independent photographer represented by WostokPress agency. She was born in Paris, where she followed Dramatical Art studies and dance. She has worked with the comedian Jean-Pierre Léaud, and then during a few years in a Franco-Polish group before joining the Théâtre du Soleil (1999-2001).

Since a dozen of years, she spreads her time between India, the neighbouring countries and France. Photography has revealed itself and then imposed itself to her through her journey. She tamed it with her own rhythm, through trips, getting advices and contacts of other photographers she met here and there.

Paris – Delhi – Lahore – Kabul …

Her chosen nomad life-style allows her to investigate, feel, immerse and to try to understand what is around her in the numerous countries where she takes a halt.

Since November 2012, Oriane Zerah has settled in Kabul. She works with different NGOs and Institutions, such as AFD (Agence Française de Developpement).

CULTURAL EVENTS –EVENTS IN 2013 The Alliance française de Delhi, Centre de Gurgaon Gallérie


27th September – 11th October 2013, 10 am till 7pm

Oriane Zerah, an independent photographer, depicts hair, the hidden, revealed, ash, bushy or thinned out, sign of seduction, of strength and of power, it fascinates, inspires, subjects to its laws.

Tribal lights:

 15th May-23rd May 2013, 10am till 7pm

A photography exhibition by a French artist, living & working in India, Magali Couffon. She presents through her lens the tribal community of Odisha .Accompanying the exhibition was a glimpse of Indian tribal (Adivasi) dance & songs from the region of Chattisgarh; Jharkhand, Odisha & Bengal in Oraon language  to celebrate together our differences … our cultures… our heritage…

BONJOUR LES ENFANTS: 3rd Anniversary Celebrations

23rd March 2013, 11am till 3.30pm

Crepe demonstrations 

The 23rd March 2013 was a most exhilarating and memorable 3rd anniversary for the Alliance française de Delhi, Centre de Gurgaon. 50 odd school children participated in these festivities. The theme of these festivities was French Cuisine. The day began at 11:30am with the screening of “Comme un chef” and moved into the Culinary Competition (Crepe and Canapé making).

 The response of the teachers and students was overwhelming with requests to organise more events a regular basis permitting more children to participate. Now we look forward to doing precisely that and assisting all those who are curious about the French language and culture.




Exhibition Opening and Chota Nagpur Tribal Dance: 16th of May 2013

The gallery at the Alliance française de Delhi, Centre de Gurgaon had the privilege of exhibiting the works of Magali COUFFON, a French native who has been living in India for over 20 odd years and is a photographer. Her works, regular prints and on aluminium, wood and leather.The theme of her exhibition was portraying the tribesmen of Orissa.

So, for the opening, the Gurgaon centre organised a group of tribesmen from the Chota Nagpur Plateau region to put up performance of their own tribal songs and dance. The works were up on display for another two weeks for all others, who couldn’t make it for the opening.

A well turned out event. We hope that we are able to offer more cultural events of this nature and many others for all our students, members. Events in which the French and the Indian cultures are brought closer together and projected for all to experience.


BONJOUR LES ENFANTS: 3rd Anniversary Celebrations


  Crepe demonstrations 

The 23rd of March 2013 was a most exhilarating and memorable 3rd anniversary for the Alliance française de Delhi, Centre de Gurgaon. 50 odd school children participated in these festivities. The theme of these festivities was French Cuisine. The day began at 11:30am with the screening of “Comme un chef” and moved into the Culinary Competition (Crepe and Canape making).

The International Institute of Culinary Arts, Campus France and Goyalsaab Publishers were able to put up stall fo their own to give the students all the information related to options available for higher education and careers in the Culinary Arts.


 The Heritage School (Canape team) with our friendly
neighbourhood French embassy volunteer (the team’s “coach”)

The festivities wound up by 3:00pm. The response of the teachers and students was overwhelming with requests to organise more events a regular basis permitting more children to participate. Now we look forward to doing precisely that and assisting all those who are curious about the French language and culture.


EVENTS of 2012     The Alliance française de Delhi, Centre de Gurgaon Gallérie

1.  Douglas VANHERPE

Exhibition of Photographs titled: “I am my Parents’ eyes”

The exhibit was on view for the public from 21st of March 2012 till the 21st of April 2012 after its opening on the 20th of March at 7:00pm.

2.     Alexis BOUCHER

Photographs and Installations depicting the contemporary ruins of the automativ epic put on display from the 25th of April 2012 till the 26th of May 2012.

The exhibit titled: “The Little Temples of the Road

3.      Philippe RAMETTE

The images of photographer and sculptor RAMETTE  titled “The Upside Down World” were, on the occasion of the Bastille Day (14th July 2014) was inaugurated the day before and then kept on display till the 28th of July 2012.


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