Tuesday , 22 October 2019

Teachers Training

Want to be a Teacher at the Alliance française de Delhi ? Join our Teachers training program!


  • DALF C1 certification (with distinction)in French – M.A or M. Phil degree in French or any equivalent degree from a French University.

For all further queries regarding the training, please write to us at the following email address:

Shiv Shaoo french_classes@afdelhi.org Contact No. 011-43500210
Vasanthi Gupta vasanthi@afdelhi.org
Pierre-Yves Meunier pierre-yves.meunier@afdelhi.org

The applications could also be mailed to the above mentioned email address. Alliance française de Delhi is a Pioneer of sorts to have put in place a teachers training program as early as in 1986 with the collaboration of the cultural & education service of the French Embassy. The principle objective of the training was to familiarise the trainees to the methods and methodology in practice at the Alliance française de Delhi as also to use it as a platform for exchange of views on individual practices of this methodology and discuss the recent research in the field of didactics. Since 1998, AFD is amongst the 3 major regional training centres recognised by the French Embassy for teaching French as a foreign language the other two centres being AF of Chennai and AF of Mumbai. The main objective of these centres has been to give an efficient and quick introduction to the theory of didactics and a sound practical & functional competence, giving the trainees a prospective career in teaching French within the Alliance française. Alliance française de Delhi offers the services of a very highly qualified, dynamic and experienced team of trainers. This team is headed by the Training head in close collaboration with the pedagogical director of the AFD. At the end of a successful completion of this training, a majority of the trainees are recruited to be part of the illustrious AFD faculty. Ever since the creation of this program in 1986 it has become mandatory that all the members of our faculty undergo this training before recruitment.