Translation and Interpretation at Gurgaon Centre

The translation Cell of Alliance Francaise de Delhi (AFD) provides French–English, English–French, and Hindi–French translation services. Our highly qualified translators are experienced in various fields: administrative, technical, commercial, political, and legal. They are also trained and experienced in undertaking various interpretation jobs – kinds of interpretation, consecutive & simultaneous interpretation. Our proofreader carefully checks the translation to ensure accuracy. AFD is granted exclusive accreditation from the Embassy of France in India for translations from and into French, to be accepted as valid documents. The panel translators of AFD are the sworn translators.

In the recent past, we undertook some major translation assignments for organizations like – Times Group, GE Power India Ltd., Sopra India Pvt. Ltd., Bharti Airtel, CCRH, IGNCA, CBI, NIA, Neeti Aayog, High Commission of Canada, Embassy of Gabon, Embassy of Belgium, CODATU, GIZ, UN Foundation, World Bank, UNIDO, ICOMOS, CUNPK, Pratham, etc.

For more information, please contact the Translation Cell:-

Timings: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (Cash counter open till 5 pm only)
Lunch hour: 1 pm to 2 pm

  • Translation rates
  • Interpretation rates

Translation (French to English, English to French, and Hindi to French)

  1. Minimum charges are Rs.990/-
  2. Certificate (of Birth, Marriage, Death, School, University, Police Attestations, etc.) Rs 5.30/- per word;
  3. Non-technical translation 5.50/ per word;
  4. Legal or technical translation Rs 7.25/- per word
  5. Legal & technical translation Rs 8.25/- per word
  6. Specialized translations 6.40/- per word


  • An urgent translation within 24 hours or in less time period as per the mutual agreement is charged at double the normal rates.
  • 80% of the estimated total for all translations to be paid in advance and balance as per the final invoice to be paid before the delivery.
  • The final invoice will be raised based on the actual word count of the translated document. There can be a variation in the final figure up to 25% on both the upper and lower side. To have accuracy in the word count for calculating the payment, kindly provide us with the word document to be translated.
  • If the translation is from Hindi to French, the rates increase by 1 INR per word for all the above-mentioned categories.
  • The time required to translate a given document depends on the document’s volume and nature (s).
  • The minimum time frame is 4 working days (Saturday included while calculating the working days).
  • GST shall be charged extra as per government rules.
  • Two copies of the translation will be handed over initially, and 500 INR will be charged for every additional translation set.
  • 1000 INR will be charged per set for any translation older than 2 years.
  • Original is required to be produced for verification.
  1. Full day (up to 8 hours):
    1. Consecutive : Rs. 16000
    2. Simultaneous: Rs. 29300
  2. Outstation assignment (up to 8 hours):
    1. Consecutive : Rs.20000
    2. Simultaneous: Rs. 35150
  3. Overtime (per hour):
    1. Consecutive : Rs. 3200
    2. Simultaneous: Rs. 5250


  • In the Delhi assignment, the client must provide transport for the interpreter or reimburse the taxi fare on production of a voucher.
  • In case of outstation assignment, the client will take care of the following:
  1. Taxi fare to the airport or Railway station (as the case may be) and back.
  2. Taxi fare from destination to venue and back.
  3. Airfare/ train fare (as the case may be) on the production of the ticket
  4. Accommodation at a hotel of a reasonable standard.
  • In both Delhi/ outstation assignments, if the interpretation lasts for the full day, the client will take care of the lunch.
  • No refund is possible for the cancellation of the assignment.
  • The entire payment is to be made to AFD one week before the assignment date.
  • Transport and overtime charges are paid to AFD once the assignment is over.
  • The total number of hours worked shall be calculated from reporting to the time of relieving, including lunch and tea breaks.
  • The client needs to provide the interpreter with as much information as many documents, leaflets, brochures, etc. On the company, product, and/or subject of the meeting/discussion, agenda in advance to study the specific terminology required.
  • GST shall be charged extra as per government rules.

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

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