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Alliance Française de Delhi is now more than 60 years old, whose activities are directed by a Governing Body whose members are elected from its Active and Life members.

Types of Membership offered by Alliance Française de Delhi:

Active Members
A person can become an active/associate member by paying the following:
a) Active (Single) : Rs. 1,549/-*
b) Active (Couple) : Rs. 3,098/-*

  • Every application must be proposed and seconded by two existing AFD members. This fee is valid for one year and can be renewed by paying the same amount every year.

Life Members
A person is eligible for the Life membership only after completing 2 consecutive years of active/associate membership. The fee applicable for life membership is:
a) Life (Single): Rs. 4,337/-*
b) Life (Couple): Rs. 7,434/*

  • This is a one-time fee that is valid for a lifetime.

Diplomat/Official Members
They do not require to be proposed or seconded by existing AFD members. The fee applicable for this category is:
a) Diplomat (Single): Rs. 3,098/-*
b) Diplomat (Couple) : Rs. 4,337/-*

  • This fee is applicable for the entire tenure of their assignment (max. 3 years), with no renewal fee in between.

Expat Members
Expat members are those who are not of Indian origin and are in India for work assignments. They can apply for active membership by paying:
a) Expat (Single) : Rs. 1,549/-*
b) Expat (Couple) : Rs. 3,098/-*

  •  *  Price Includes GST 


  • All members shall receive a copy of the monthly Programme of Events and other relevant communication.
  • All the members shall have access to the AFD library, which houses more than 30,000 books/documents, video cassettes, music cassettes/CDs and DVDs, etc.
  • All life members are eligible to get a 25% discount on the library membership fee.
  • Active members also qualify to get a 25% discount on the library membership fee, but only after completing 2 consecutive years of active membership at AFD.

So if you want to become a privileged part of the ever-expanding Francophile community in the Capital of India …..

Contact Ms. Rita Suri, Assistant to Director