Tuesday , 22 October 2019


DesignXDesign Exposé : Suket Dhir and Priyamwada Singh

DesignXDesign Expose' is a bimonthly two hours long activity involving sharing of high quality professional work of designers from the city and outside (whenever possible ) in a neutral, friendly and open environment . Each Expose generally consists of presentations made by two designers, each drawn from habitat design (architecture/urban/landscape/interior design) and non—habitat design (product / communication / apparel design) respectively, culminating in an open discussion and Q & A. Read More »

French Jazz: TRIO ZADIG

Awarded 11 international prizes, the Zadig Trio captivates audiences with its virtuosity, elegance and irresistible enthusiasm. The Trio was founded in 2014 when childhood friends Boris Borgolotto & Marc Girard Garcia crossed paths with the American pianist Ian Barber. Read More »