Stage / Remedial Classes

Remedial Classes
Remedial classes are also known as extra classes or bonus classes and are a good way to assist students in order to achieve expected competencies in French language skills as per their level and help to prepare for their next level. It will be total of 10 hours Class.

Remedial / Stage Classes are applicable only to current student of <to be announced> session who have been awarded stage level.

IMP:- Once you enrolled in stage/remedial class, you will be provisionally passed and allow to take admission to next level subjected that you complete your 10 hours class and your stage teacher approve the same.

Stage / Remedial Classes Schedule

Online Registration: Closed

Class Dates:  Closed

Class Time: 2 hours a day. Online via apolearn.

  • Morning class : 9am to 11am (for Level A1, B2)
  • Evening class : 6pm to 8pm (For Level A1,A2,B1)

Price, Including GST :  Rs 2050
10 hours of class per stage
Small group : 5 to 10 students
Levels : A1, A2, B1 and B2

Registration for Stage / Remedial Classes