Auditorium & Gallery

ML Bhartia Auditorium

Our auditorium is a cozy 112-seater facility that has been the venue of many an artistic event since its creation. Movie screenings (including Film Festivals), dance performances, intimate music soirees, theatre events, conferences, and seminars – have all been held in it. Ideally suited for intimate events, equipped with necessary audiovisual, light, and projection facilities, the auditorium overlooks a verdant garden on the side and a sizeable open space punctuated by a massive old tree and a sunken courtyard. This space can accommodate the spillover from inside if required. The cozy ambiance inside is embellished with sleek, ergonomically superb ash wood finish seating. Two Green Rooms with toilets complete the infrastructure, along with a stage 9.5×5 meters (16’x31.5’).

Galerie Romain Rolland

Named after the French novelist, mystic, pacifist, and Nobel Laureate not only for his great love for India but for his perception that art must be a struggle to sensitize and bring enlightenment to people boasts of an area of 180 sq. meters. It has already played host to many an artist and Gallery, emerging as a Prime Venue for artistic manifestations in various genres and traditions. Rising from the basement, a portion of the gallery rises to a height of 40’, enclosing space in a dazzling box of glass, aiding accompanying displays of large banners bathed in the gentle sunshine that filters through. It is an arresting sight from far away on the road. The small open space as one walks down the step is ideal for displays of sculptures, as well as for servicing receptions at Openings.


While the Galerie is primarily for holding cultural, art, and educational events of Alliance Française de Delhi, with a focus on French thought, culture, and language in India and associated Indian and Indo-French Culture, it is also made available to other organizations, subject to the assessment of Alliance as to the suitability and quality of the events to be presented. Subject to availability (after meeting with internal requirements as stated) and the acceptable nature and quality of the proposed presentations, space would thus be made available. The decision of Alliance on this behalf would be Final.


For Auditorium Booking:-
Mr. Akash Kumar
Phone: 011 43 500 217
Email: [email protected]
For Gallery Booking:-
Ms. Mitushi Khurana
Phone: 011 43 500 222
Email: [email protected]