Apply for Student ID card (Spring 2024 Session)

Student ID Card  (Autumn 2023 session ) will be printed and provided from 18th January 2024

Please ensure you have upload your your photograph, Govt. ID and vaccination certificate(optional) on your account in student kiosk

How to upload document on your student kiosk is given below link

Video of how to upload documents :-

Note: –

1> Student ID Card will be printed and provided from 18th January 2024. 

2>Your passport size photo should according to given document specification.

3> Please ensure you have upload ID document and passport size photo on your student kiosk. Then you can visit AFD IT room, inform them about your student card and pick same with 5 minutes wait time (if no one is in queue).

4>Please check and verify you have upload correct profile photo , vaccination certificate (optional), your name and address in Student Portal.

5>First student ID card is free of charge. Any request for reprint of student id (with correction or changes) will be charge RS 200/- fine.

Important Points about Class Certificate/Result:

1> If you have pass but your attendance is below 70%, “Download Certificate” will be disable. You have to call front-desk support to download and share same via email.

2> STAGE GRADE – If you have failed (usually marks ranging from 47% to 49% with 75 % attendances) and have been assign “stage” = Yes, you can be promoted to next level if you  attend stage/remedial classes. Click here to know about stage class.

3> REPEAT GRADE – If you have failed and  assign “Repeat” = Yes  ( meaning repeating some levels in  intensive class only  i.e. multi-level like A1.1+A1.2 etc), you may have passed some level like A1.1 but have to repeat A1.2 level again. Repeat Grade does not mean you repeat whole class but only some level in intensive class. This will be explain in comment section of the result and updated by your teacher.