What is Culturethèque?

Culturethèque is the digital library of the French cultural network abroad.
It allows you to:

  • Catch up on the latest editions of your favorite magazines
  • View concerts and shows
  • Listen to lectures
  • Introduce your kids to French with cultural learning materials
  • Read e-books and comics
  • Take advantage of language-learning materials tailored to your needs
How to register?

You first need to register at the nearest Alliance Française Library.
After that, you must log on to

On the Culturethèque page, click on “Connexion” on the top right corner and then click on “S’inscrire.” Once the “Inscription” page opens, fill in all your details and click on “S’inscrire” at the end of the page.

You may now enjoy your free 3 weeks’ access to Culturethèque. However, after 3 weeks, you will need to make a call/visit to your library to provide your details (Culturethèque user ID and library card number) to the librarian.

Once the librarian gets your details, he/she will be able to extend the validity of your free access to Culturethèque until the last date of your library membership.