Accelerating the depth of life

Date(s) - 18/11/2014
All Day

Galerie Romain Rolland


Alliance Française de Delhi


 Accelerating the depth of life

A Multi Media Art Exhibition

curated by Lovy Singh

Exhibition : 9th to 18th November, 11am to 7pm

Galerie Romain Rolland, Alliance Francaise de Delhi

72 Lodi Estate, New Delhi-110003


The works of eleven artists converge on the reference points in a variety of media, video, installation, photography and performance. The theme of the exhibition expresses the depth of life, which is actually happiness. This has to be surfaced in our lives, so that we can be content and give love to the environment. When a person is born and grows into a young individual he gets into negative tendencies such as greed, anger and jealousy. The way to accelerate happiness in our lives is to be compassionate, keep smiling and be grateful for what we have. All the artists have portrayed our different moods and the perturbing situations of life today.

 The participating artists are:

The media of photographs of Abhishek Dasgupta, (born 1961 in Pinjore district) shows the current series of the physical conflict that represents the conflicting metaphor referring to a region which stores the “unknown knowns” – the things we do not know, that we know. Societal regulations force us to repress certain aspects of ourselves, and the unconscious serves as the storehouse for this collection. Many of our inner urges are too disturbing for the conscious mind (and society at large). To cope with immediately therefore we sublimate these secrets into a region we cannot face directly.

Murali Cheeroth born in Trichur, Kerala. In his paintings the working process is a kind of extraction system, which draws on tiny concerns about Uber urbanization frenzied globalization and the visual / virtual stimulation therin, and folds and unfolds than into another reality to simplify the characteristics and relationships in order to build a new visual experience that is clear and vivid.

Shridhar Iyer’s installations which are inspirations of yog maya, which means angels. He says that it was always a pleasure to work with a new medium for the last couple of years. He has been working with “khus” and wood straws, which normally people use for cooling purposes. From childhood, he has been fascinated with fragrance of “khus”, somehow, with these fragrances; he relates it to a feminist attitude of material, which hypnotizes the full atmosphere. It takes you in the ethereal world. For him, description of every object, or subject is merely important than as to see them, or be with them. To enter into this, is most important. He thinks that he has chosen this path.

Pratul Das‘s works are photographs of onsite shootings from urban locations, especially round architecture, traffic situations, architectural heights, and consumer centric imageries. These photos make a revelation of human conditions.

Biju Joez (born in 1971 in Bangalore, specialized in sculpture installation). The main objective of his work is to indicate that we as humans use ourselves to measure everything. Everything from feet to yards and the measurements thereof, we use our physical body as a scale, when we see a legend that says to scale, we immediately identify it to a measure of a man. Interestingly enough, he found this Greek philosopher (Pythagoras) who said that man is a measure of all things that are and are not. “Incidentally, comparison is such a brilliant way of measurement. I am only as good as my state of comparison to another person. If I remove myself from the equation, the comparison fails to measure. Consequently, we interact with the environment based on the physical dimension called measurement from the finger to the foot we use it as a physical means for measurement. This goes beyond our physical yardstick. We deem it to fit to slap our measure of sympathy, love and rights of other beings.

Swati Gupta (born 1982), has provide a video that portrays the European winter landscape, mixed with traces of her Indian roots. Winter landscape is a fascinating video of a minimal elements caressed by music.

Nayanna Kanodia‘s (born 1952) paintings intend to make you feel that you are watching a snapshot of life at maximum authenticity – exuberant and packed with bursting energy. There is one optical illusion, born of another. It is the focus of the scene at hand, the shapes and details that surround the people, both are something else entirely? I seek to challenge the viewer to modify the typical way of reading conventional signs and patterns.

Alexis Boucher has provided a work of a series titled “Landscape of life “It is a combination of a composite picture with a collage of photography. The opening big size, soundless video is a loop at the speed of a fast journey last summer.

Annabel Schenk‘s works are built around engravings, paintings and installations. She uses the crossing out as a graphic language to express her research on identity, transforming the reality represented in the landscape: which becomes a playground which confronts disparate elements in the image of her own confrontation between places of life and identity. She scratches, crosses off and crosses out the traits being woven and assembled in the form of visual writing. These erasures refer to notions of doubt or confusion on which she has worked for the last few years.

Bose Krishnamachari (born 1963) is a well renowned artist whose works comprise of vivid abstract paintings, figurative drawings, sculpture, photography, multimedia installations and architecture. He is a founder member and President of Kochi Biennale Foundation and Biennale Director of international exhibition of contemporary art.

Jagganath Panda (born 1970 in Bhubaneswar), explores the diversity of expressions and symbolisms possible through animal images and forms. His works explore many of our most fundamental dichotomies; nature/ culture, urban/ rural, traditional/ contemporary and figuration/ abstraction. He pictures animal at odds with the burgeoning urban environment while their skins are partly articulated.

Freddo Sacaro, (born 1972 in Toulouse), lives and works between his hometown and New Delhi. His presence is worldwide in many exhibitions, where his works reflect the daily observance across the time; which results in a telescoping of works vividly coloured between memories of infancy and the visions of a disturbed world.

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