Le Mois du doc

Date(s) - 26/11/2022
12:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Since 2000, the documentary has been honored in November. The Mois du doc is an unmissable event for discovering films and exchanging ideas about the world!  This year again, Documentary Film Month promises to make November the unmissable event for discovering films and exchanging ideas about the world.

When: Saturday, 26th November 2022

Where: ML Bhartia Auditorium, Alliance Française de Delhi, 72, KK, Birla Lane, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi -03

Le Mois du doc ​​takes place every year simultaneously in hundreds of towns and villages in France and in the cultural network abroad, bringing together more than 150,000 spectators. For more than 20 years, the Mois du doc ​​has been developing and making November the month of documentary film everywhere in France and around the world. The event mobilizes more than 2300 structures (libraries, cinemas, museums, cultural institutes, schools, colleges, high schools, prisons, hospitals) which organize thousands of events: 1500 films programmed and 3000 debates organised. Documentary Film Month works thanks to the implementation of partnerships with cultural and educational actors who, through their determination and involvement, contribute to making this event a unique highlight.

Film Synopsis Duration Time
1. Allons Enfants In the heart of the capital, a high school is taking a crazy gamble: integrating students from working-class neighborhoods and breaking the spiral of academic failure through hip-hop dancing. Allons enfants is the story of this unique experience in France. 1h50 12:00 PM
2.En Nous Ten years ago, Emmanuelle, a French teacher at a high school in the northern districts of Marseille, took part in a film with her students. From the study of The Princess of Clèves, Abou, Morgane, Laura, Cadiatou and the others stated their dreams, their desires and their fears. All are reunited today, the memories are mixed with the stories of their lives and the obstacles to overcome. 1h39 2:00 PM
3. Bonjour le Monde 10 species of animals among so many others are born, live, and become accustomed to each other along beside a river… The long-eared owl takes flight to be born a second time and to tame the night. The great-crested grebe moves back and forth in its fishing terriotry, becoming invisible and dancing with the seaweed. The kingfisher in its journey in search of a place in the sun. 1h01 4:00 PM
4. Animal The place of mankind among the living is the main topic. At the instigation of Cyril Dion, who already gave us his vision with Tomorrow, and the primatologist Jane Goodall, two teenagers will embark in an extraordinary quest: to find another way of living alongside other species, more as roomates than predators. To do so, they will travel and meet with scientists and activists all over the globe. 1h45 5:30 PM
5. J’ai aimé vivre là In a new town, somewhere in the suburbs of Paris, intimate stories meet the writings of the famous writer Annie Ernaux : is living in harmony a utopia, or could it be actual and overcome the paradoxes of society to welcome foreigners. 1h30 7:30 PM

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