Tuesday , 22 October 2019


Ciné-Club: Hippocrate : 8th August 2017 | 10am

Benjamin is going to become a great doctor, he is sure of it. But his first experience as junior doctor in his father's service, the Professor Barois, does not turn out the way he hoped it would. Benjamin will be brutally confronted with his own limits, his fears, those of his patients, families, doctors and the staff. Read More »

DesignXDesign Roundtable 8 – AI ki kaya

Throughout human history, technological revolutions of various kinds have fundamentally impacted human endeavor. Recently, from the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840), followed by the Transport Revolution (1870-1940) and the Digital Revolution (1948-1990), to the most recent, Information Media Revolution (1998-2007), the advancements rung in, have opened new horizons and forged contemporary design. Their reducing periods, as much as their reducing periodicity, lead many to opine that we are already in the midst of another revolution: the Artificial Intelligence or AI revolution. Read More »

Ciné-Club: Une vie ailleurs : 3rd August 2017 | 6:30pm

It's been four years since Sylvie's son Felipe was abducted by his father Pablo after their divorce. Having been let down by the French officials who had succeeded in tracking both them down, only to let them escape again, Sylvie has now decided to take matters into her own hands. Read More »

Ciné-Club: CHRONIQUES D’UNE COUR DE RECRE : 25th July 2017, 10am

Pierreffite-sur-Seine, 1980. Brahim, a 10-year-old, lives with his family in the construction factory of cranes. His father, of Moroccan origin, is the keeper of this factory. It is a period full of Novelties for the young boy. But at the plant, a relocation of the site is announced to the South of France. The factory closes and the family of Brahim must move elsewhere. Read More »

Music: TRIO RANGANATHAN : 20th July 2017, 7pm

Ranganathan Trio is a presentation by a family: three brothers, three talents. Ajay, 22, playing piano, and the twins Ravi and Théo, 19, playing cello and violin. All three-started learning music at a very early age at a Conservatory in the city of Tours. Afterwards, they have continued their studies with famous professors in various Conservatories in France. Read More »

Contemporary Dance: HISTOIRES VRAIES : 6th July 2017, 7pm

In this contemporary dance project, the French artist Cécile Loyer weaves together the stories and the histories of dance. “Histoires Vraies” is, first and foremost, an enquiry into the origins of movement and how movements are passed on. Having been introduced to bharathanatyam, Cécile Loyer creates a mix contrasting two different traditions and their use of the body. Read More »