Theatre: Fear and Trembling

Date(s) - 23/09/2015
7:00 pm

M. L. Bhartia Auditorium, Alliance française de Delhi




About Fear and Trembling

Winter 1990. In Brussels, Amélie Nothomb has finished her studies in medieval roman philology. She decides to travel back to Japan in order to work in a country she knows since she was born there. She gets a one year work contract for the Yumimoto Company. This job, more than she hopes for, will bring her many surprises, from which she will learn various lessons. The main character of Fear and Trembling is, of course, Amélie Nothomb herself, who writes autobiographically about her experience within the Japanese corporate culture. Published in 1999 (Ed. Albin Michel) and awarded the “Grand Prix from the Académie Française, Fear & Trembling has been translated in more than 20 languages. Since then her story has been adapted for the big screen by French director, Alain Corneau (starring the well-known actress Sylvie Testud) and is currently interpreted on stage by Layla Metssitane.

“Fear and Trembling is not an attack on the Japanese way of living, nor a value judgment. On the contrary, it is a humble, funny and intelligent point of view from a young woman confronted with a new world. The message it carries could be: Let’s observe and listen carefully, before we hastily judge the other. This is what we tried to do, in bringing Nothomb’s words on stage”.Layla Metssitane

About Layla Metssitane

Layla Metssitane was born in Burgundy, France in 1978 of Moroccan (Arab-Berber) parents. Her parents had just separated. She went to Morocco during the summer of 1985 with her mother and twin sister, Nadia, never imagining she would not return until a year later. During her teenage years, Layla went through a number of small jobs – waitress, car washer, flower seller, cleaning lady.

It wasn’t until the Avignon’s Off Festival in 2010 that she created this stage adaptation of Stupeur et Tremblements (Fear and Trembling) awarded ‘Best Selection’ by the press. As their first theatrical adaptation, the show has been a success and is currently on an international tour.

This spellbinding is the theatrical event of the season.

Free Entry. Open to all.