FAQ’s on Blended Learning

What is blended learning? And how is it different from Intensive Online/ Regular program, when both the courses are covering 108 hours of French Learning?
Blended learning is a combination of face to face classes with the teachers as well as self-learning modules provided to the candidate on the platform “Mon Alliance”. In blended learning, you will have 76 hours with the teacher and 32 hours’ self-study under the guidance of the teacher.
Whereas in other Intensive programs you will have 108 hours with the teacher.
Who can take up BLE Program?
Since this involves a certain number of hours of self-learning, so anybody who is comfortable to learn by himself through a platform can opt for BLE program.
How proficient will I be after completing BLE Program?
You will be completing A1.1+A1.2 which is covering 2 parts of beginners out of 3.
Will we have any kind of online support for the hours/ modules covered under self-study?
If you have any technical problem, related to the platform, while you are completing the exercises online, you can contact Karuna Chopra at [email protected]
Do you have 54 hours also available under BLE?
No, we only have 108 hours’ program.
Will there be any difference in terms of learning if I do BLE or Intensive Program?
Yes there is a difference. In the beginning, for the first 2 units (U1 and U2) the rhythm will be the same (8 hours of face to face teaching). Then for the second part of the course (U3, U4, U5, and U6), it will be a mix between face to face teaching (4 hours a week) and e-learning exercises. This program gives you more liberty to learn whenever you want, at the time that fits you better.
What does the “flipped classroom” mean and why is it used in BLE?
During the second part of the course, the teacher will use “flipped classroom” pedagogy. In a flipped classroom, you will complete online exercises, collaborate in online discussions, or carry out research at home while engaging in concepts in the classroom with the guidance of a mentor.
I have not studied French before, will BLE be useful for me?
Yes, this program is for complete beginners only provided you are open to self-learning methodology.
Will my doubts be taken care of if I have any from self-learning modules?
Yes, all your doubts would be taken care of when you have your session with the professor. You will meet him in a virtual class at least twice a week.
Will there be any assessment in between the session or after completion of the entire session?
The assessment process will be the same as a regular class. The teacher will evaluate you throughout the course.
Do we need special equipment to complete this course?
In order to complete the online exercises on the platform, it is highly recommended to have a computer.