Our library is situated on the building’s ground floor, surrounded by a lush green atmosphere, offering a pleasant and soothing ambiance to its visitors. Ours is not just another library, but a melange of cultural & intellectual melting pot.

Gurgaon collection of books: The Gurgaon library houses a collection of over 4000 books on various subjects like Philosophy, Psychology, Social Sciences, Science & Technology, French Language, Translation, Music, Art, Cinema, Literature, Children’s Literature, etc.  It also provides numerous french grammar books, dictionaries, and DELF/DALF materials in the reference section, a real boon for students learning French.

Children’s corner: The Children’s section, with nearly 1,000 books, is reserved exclusively for youth and children. The books in easy French are classified according to students’ A1, A2, and B1 skill level.

Press: This particular section allows you to have the reconnaissance of the current affairs of France. Depending on which magazines you read, you can be entertained, informed, or both.

CD & DVD: We also offer a wide range of CDs and DVDs, which is an escape from reading books. You can pick up a DVD to watch a French movie to improve your listening skills.

Similarly, you can pick up a music CD if you like to listen to french music.

Access: Access to the library is free and open to all people interested in French Language, France, and Francophony.

However, only the members of the library can borrow any 5 documents, including french magazines, CDs/DVDs, Press, comics with an annual fee of Rs.1000/- the members might be asked to produce a valid Identify proof (Voter ID card / Employment ID card / Driving Licence / PAN Card).

Borrow & Return: A valid Library membership card must be presented while borrowing documents.

The lending period is 2weeks (15 days) for printed books, DVDs, and periodicals. The maximum numbers that can be borrowed at a time are 4, including at the most 2 DVDs.

The lending period may be extended only once, on the user’s online account, by email, phone, or at the library, as long as another person hasn’t reserved the same document. The request for an extension must be made no later than the original date of return.

All late returns will be subjected to a late fine of Rs.10/- (per document). All further borrowing rights will be suspended whilst any late returns remain outstanding.

The library staff reserves the right to refuse further lending to users who have returned items in poor condition. A fine may also be levied.

The borrower must repay for a lost item, including importation costs, if any.

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