Services during COVID

Dear Alliance students and Library users,

Following the very frequent changes in the SOPs issued by the Delhi Government, you must have received many emails with regard to the functioning of the library from AFD. But, surely the objective was to serve you in the best possible manner, considering the situation we were in.

However, today, the good news is that the library of Alliance Française de Delhi is all set to welcome its members and users for physical access from Tuesday, February 08 2022 from 9:00am to 4:00pm. We shall be operational on all six days, i.e. Monday to Saturday. The students can access the Library for issue-return, re-issue and reading facilities.

Of course, it goes without saying, that we shall continue to follow the covid protocols – no entry without mask and maintaining social distance at all times. We requests students to wear masks, take alternate seats, use sanitisers and follow all other specific COVID guidelines as per Govt. instructions. Should anyone have symptoms such as fever or cough, we would request them to refrain from entering the library.

The library team looks forward to welcoming its students and members and seek their cooperation and support in maintaining COVID related protocols as the pandemic is still not over.

Here, we would like to reiterate, that the AFD is following all necessary precautions.

Please find information below on the steps to be followed to make a Reservation from OPAC (online catalogue):

Step 1: Opac page opens Select ‘Delhi‘ from ‘Médiathèques du réseau’

Step 2: Enter your ‘Library card number’ followed by password in ‘Se Connecter’

(Note: the default password is the 4 digits of your year of birth, which can be changed after logging in).

Step 3: After successfully logging in, click on ‘ Mesprêts / Mesréservations,’ displaying a list of all your borrowings and reservations.

Step 4: Click on ‘Réserver un document‘ at the end of the page. The document reservation menu will open; you may now search for the document you want by typing the Document name/Author’s name/Topic.  You can also select the ‘Type of document’ from the drop-down list.

Step 5: After finding the desired document, click on ‘Reserver‘ on the document menu’s bottom right corner. Click on ‘OK’ when the reservation confirmation dialogue box appears.

To check the status of the document’s reservation, click on ‘Mes reservation’ from the left-hand side of the page, below your name; scroll down ‘AccèsRapide’ and select. Here you can see your reservation.

Click on ‘Se déconnecter’ to disconnect.

You will then have to wait until our librarians validate it and give you a call for confirmation.

In case your reservation is unsuccessful after following the above steps, you can still reserve your documents by calling us at our contact numbers 011-43500-221 / 011-43500-237

or write an email to [email protected].

Please note:

Documents need to be reserved at least 3 days to 1 week in advance to be organized by the library.

After preparing the documents according to your request, you will receive a call from the library regarding the availability / non-availability of documents.

After confirming your reservation, you will be provided a time slot to collect the documents from the AFD’s front gate.

We will try our best to give you a pleasant experience!

Thank you